Pristine Farms Summer Sale

The 1st brand in the world to write the Dried Nest Amount on bottled bird nest


“Self collection by appointment only”

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Good Value for Money!

Concentrated bird nest in a small bottle. Though the bird nest are the small bits and pieces, you do get a lot compared to other brands where you can count the pieces of bird nests. Will order again.

Quality Bird Nest! Highly Recommended!

Good with quality!!!

Highly Recommended!!

Clean and Concentrate

Better than other brands as it is clean and concentrate.

Fast Delivery!

The delivery very fast, very reliable. The taste also very good. My kids love it. Will continue to buy this brand! Highly recommended! 

Bird Nest Strip can be seen & clean!

The bird nest strip can be seen and clean. It is smooth down the throat when you drink it and i like it as it is not too sweet. Reasonable price for the quality. Prompt delivery and safe packaging too.. Highly recommended!

Good Brand! Transparency!

I accidentally click the link of Pristine Farms Premium Bird Nest when i search bird nest for mother's day gift. After glancing through the information, I realized this is really a good brand. not because of their packaging design, promotion, but because of the reliable source of the dry birdnest and transparency...