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Founded in 1988 by an Indonesia's renowned biologist and President of Indonesia Birdnest Association (Perkumpulan Pengusaha Sarang Burung Indonesia www.ppsbi.org), Dr Boedi Mranata, our company in Indonesia, Adipurna MJ Ltd, has produced arguably the most credible, premium and well-known bird nest brands (Xiao Niao, Pristine Farms, Thousand Farms), due to our quality, consistency and pioneering capabilities.

In Singapore, under Pristine Farms Premium Bird Nest brand, we have many loyal repeat customers that Pristine Farms might be one of the bestselling bird nest brands in Singapore.

Pristine Farms Premium Bird Nest's top priorities are keeping food safety and preserving most nutrition in the genuine bird nest.

We achieve this by having 4 interconnected businesses: Farming  Facilities, Processing Facilities, Trading (Wholesale and Retail)and R& D Facilities

With our integrated management system, we are confident that our product provides Unique Values, which is derived from our operation, to fully benefit our customers.


Our company in Indonesia, Adipurna MJ Ltd, is the largest bird nest producer in Indonesia and arguably in the world.

Our farms locations are spread all over Indonesian archipelago, starting in Java island in 1988, expanded to Sumatra in 2000 and Borneo in 2005.

When you purchase Pristine Farms Premium Bird Nest, we can ensure that our products are exclusively harvested from our own farms.


Through many years of experience and training, we have hundreds of high-skilled workers to process raw bird nest (from our own farms) into the cleanest, purest and preserve the most nutrition in the final product.

With our dry-pick method, we are able to preserve the most nutrition in bird nest, and slow down the accumulation of nitrite in bird nest.


For almost 30 years, we have been a steady supplier of top TCM store names in Asia.

Through our network of trusted distributors and agents, customers in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, United States, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia have been enjoying our product for almost 30 years.


With our integrated management system and by having our R&D and bottling facilities in Singapore under strict ISO22000:2005, HACCP and Halal Food Safety Management, we are confident that our products provide Unique Values, to fully benefit our customers.

Below are photos of our satisfied customers from Singapore and China during factory visits:



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